Building Wooden Furniture – The Beginners Way

How amazing would it be if almost all the wooden furniture pieces in your home were built by yourself? It may sound like a crazy and overwhelming idea but it is actually possible. We’ve decided to give you a step-by-step guide on a simple woodwork project. The benefit of this task is that it’s super cheap to do and in the end, you will have a gorgeous piece of wooden decor to use either inside or outside your home

DIY Planter Box


2 x 1x6x6 pine boards

Heavy-duty staple gun

Wood glue

Tape measure


Furniture paint brush

Furniture paint (Color of your choice)


Building Guidelines

Step 1

Get the assistants at your local hardware store to cut your pine boards into four even pieces.

Step 2

Come building time, place three of the four boards aside which you will use later.

Step 3

Using the fourth board, cut two ends measuring a length of 7 inches each. These two pieces will be used as the end sides of your planter box.

Step 4

Now take the three boards you set aside and assemble these to make up a planter box. Using the wood glue, join the board which will be the base to the boards which make up the sides.

Step 5

Grab the heavy-duty staple gun to anchor each wooden board accordingly. This is to ensure a stable box.

Step 6

Repeat the same process from Step 4 and Step 5 with the 7-inch side cuts to complete the box.

Step 7

It’s time to get creative and paint your brand new self-made planter box with your colored paint!

Now that you’ve completed your first DIY woodwork project, you can either place the planter box outside with your favorite blooms or use it as a decorative centerpiece on your dining room

The feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction when you’ve made your own furniture piece is great, right? This project should boost your creative home improvement ideas to make other wooden pieces to accentuate your beautiful home!

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